Don’t Forget Donate $18= Your Gift Of Walking

There are millions of children globally who are suffering from illnesses that prevent them from walking. Most of these children are removed from their families and placed in institutions with horrible living conditions, limited resources and no hope of recovery. They denied an education and any chances of living fulfilling lives.

Our mission is to provide these children with necessary rehabilitation equipment, treatment and facilities, or as we call it – give them a
Gift Of Walking.

At Precious Needs, you know where every donated dollar, pound or franc is going. Some of our campaigns are small (i.e. vaccinations), while others are large (i.e. new facilities). However, all your donations are huge in helping a child take their first step. We are focused on only one objective: To Help Children WALK.

“Our goal is to be extremely cost-efficient charity with 90% of your donation going to direct programs and services. 10% supports the marketing, fundraising, investigation, and compliance efforts.”

Futuristic Breakthroughs In Treating Children With Disabilities Here Now So What’s The Holdup?

robotic-aids-help-children-born-with-disabilities-lead-normal-livesWe’ve all seen the movies where robotic aids help people born with disabilities lead normal lives, but what most don’t know is that the future is here, now. Recent breakthroughs in technology and science are helping to give children with disabilities a chance at a more normal life; helping them to walk, talk, learn, get jobs and start families.

As recently as just a few years ago, these advancements were seen by some as pipedreams, but thanks to the enduring dedication of scientists alongside supportive donators, the dreams are now a reality. Continue reading

Educating Children With Physical Disabilities in Developing Countries

Imagine growing up in a world where you are physically trapped in a disabled body that prevents you from doing any of the normal activities kids enjoy, yet still possessing a mind that’s fully capable of helping you overcome this.

Now, imagine that you see all of the other children around you, outside playing sports, but also going off each day to school where they learn and socialize; they’re not only growing their bodies, but their minds as well. All the while you sit alone, desolate, with no physical therapy and worst of all, no access to education. Continue reading

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