Don’t Forget Donate $18= Your Gift Of Walking

There are millions of children globally who are suffering from illnesses that prevent them from walking. Most of these children are removed from their families and placed in institutions with horrible living conditions, limited resources and no hope of recovery. They denied an education and any chances of living fulfilling lives.

Our mission is to provide these children with necessary rehabilitation equipment, treatment and facilities, or as we call it – give them a
Gift Of Walking.At Precious Needs, you know where every donated dollar, pound or franc is going. Some of our campaigns are small (i.e. vaccinations), while others are large (i.e. new facilities). However, all your donations are huge in helping a child take their first step. We are focused on only one objective: To Help Children WALK.

“Our goal is to be extremely cost-efficient charity with 90% of your donation going to direct programs and services. 10% supports the marketing, fundraising, investigation, and compliance efforts.”

How Poliomyelitis in Kids Affects Their Development

In the United States polio is a disease that has been eradicated for over 60 years, since the development of a safe and effective vaccine by Dr. Jonas Salk. In our country the vaccine was made widely available and the polio crisis of the early 1900's vanished. Americans no longer live in fear of their young children developing this crippling disease. However, across the globe this disease lives on. In 2010 alone 475 cases of polio were confirmed in Kazahkstan, the Russian Federation, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan. These 475 cases resulted in 30 deaths and hundreds of futures affected. The risk of contracting polio is significant because there is no cure and surviving the disease will require extensive physical care throughout a child's life. Continue reading

Disabilities Becoming More Commonplace As Global Population With Disabilities Hits One Billion

In a stunning yet disheartening report by the World Health Organization (WHO), it was reported that 15% of the global population is now classified as disabled. This alarming percentage puts the total global population of physically disabled people at 1 billion. Perhaps even more alarming is the way this treacherously high number has gone unnoticed and unreported by the major governments and news agencies. Of course, this could be expected with the way the global pandemic of disabilities is treated: it is simply swept under the rug wherever it they can. But the numbers just get more alarming from there. Disability On The Rise. Continue reading

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